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Scrapping a remote car starter keychain for precious metals

For a small piece of electronics, there is a lot of gold and silver in these key chains!

Do NOT Throw out those broken keyboards .999 silver in them!!!

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How many feet of wire does it take to get a pound of #1 copper?

If you are going to scrap for profit, you NEED to know this information. Click to watch video. Do not forget to subscribe and g+

Next Project!

Learn how to extract precious metals from trash. Videos coming soon! Click to go to my YouTube channel to subscribe!

Scrapping a hard drive

There is rare metals to be found. Rare earth magnets, gold, platinum, palladium, gold and silver. Watch this video to see what is inside!

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How To Make A Hybrid Heat Exchanger

A much cheaper version of my first heat exchanger.

Upto the minute precious metal prices 24/7

Current prices for gold, silver, platinum, copper and oil.

The wire stripper used in my videos.

I am working on the EBAY seller to offer a discount to my subscribers. Until then this unit sells for $59.99 and is well worth every penny. Stripped on average of 15 lbs. per hour. Also you get to stay in shape!

How To Make A Heat Exchanger- Video

Make a heat exchanger to exchange the temperatures between to liquids. Many people have made this exchanger. My winter projects include a video series on banking these exchangers together for more efficiency.
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