The Oil Sands Project

The Oil Sands Project

By: Rob The Plumber

Date: September 09, 2012

When the price of oil skyrocketed to $100 a barrel in the early days of the Gulf War, oil companies flocked to northern Alberta, Canada. The oil companies were sitting on the largest oil deposit known to man. With a record 2 trillion barrels soaked in sand, the companies knew there was going to be huge profits.

Getting the oil out of the sand is a complicated process. Also an expensive one. I am not going to get into exactly how they do it, but basically they boil the oil from the sand. After the oil is separated from¬† the sand, the sand is deposited back to the spot in where it cam from. Sounds great doesn’t it?

The problem does not come from the separation or depositing back into the earth. The chemicals left over are put into huge concrete vats that are located right next to the water source that feeds hundreds of communities south of Fort MacMurray. That water source?  the Athabasca River. These vats will leak, and do leak. Poisoning fish, wildlife and worst of all humans.

The companies involved in the oil sands include the largest oil companies in the world. The companies seem to lay out their refineries the way they want, with little questions from government leaders. The policy Alberta is, do and then question. The layout of these vats is incredibly silly. No thought of what can happen when these begin to leak has been even questioned until now. These vats can be seen from space. Permanent reservoirs just sitting waiting for disaster to strike.

Now do not get me wrong. I really do want to see Canada flourish from the oil sands project. The problem I see is that these huge oil companies are taking their huge profits offshore. Canadians do not realize that there is enough oil in Alberta to pay off the whole Canadian debt and feed and clothe every single Canadian for generations to come.

The government should be the sole corporation taking the oil out of the ground. Taking the profits and splitting it amongst the people.

Another topic that does not make sense is that although we sit on huge oil reservoirs and 1.3 million barrels are extracted daily, we pay huge amounts for gasoline and oil. These companies take the crude, pay their small amount of tax and sell it back to us making even more profit. Gasoline is selling at $1.30 per litre. That is crazy. It just does not make sense.

Now the next step is a pipeline. A pipeline that will cross northern Alberta and go right to the British Columbia coast. There have been 2 oil spills in the last 6 months in Canada. Spilling 100’s of thousands of oil into water and untamed forest lands. The companies involved do not care about anything but fat profits. When a spill occurs, the companies point fingers in every direction but at themselves. Leaving the government to cover a majority of the cost of clean up.

I think we need to slow down and start to planning better. All I ask from my fellow Canadians is that they stay involved in every process of planning. Hold politicians accountable for poor decisions. Pay attention to pay offs and false media attention. You should really look at your sources for news. Most of these networks follow an agenda that is paid for by large corporations.

Stay tuned for my rants about the pipeline. I am currently reading as much information as I can take in. You should be doing the same.

Take Care

Rob The Plumber

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