YouTubeGoogle+ A +?

GoogleTube+ A +?




Is the mandatory merge between Google+ and YouTube a good thing?

People do not like change. Especially forced change.

I have put off giving my input into the merger of the two Google owned products for long enough.

For me, other than the problems of replying to my subscribers and viewers easily and getting my notifications in my Gmail. The merger was not too bad. The amount of spam on my videos have decreased substantially.

I integrated Google+ into my YouTube three months before the “force feeding” began. I gained a lot of subscribers since the integration and could not be happier.

What I am not happy about is that Google forced people into it. For that very reason it could mean a total waste of my time to get into the social marketing. People are so pissed about being forced into it that they do not want to use the product under any circumstances. I tried Twitter and it did not go well. The 140 character limit sucks. Facebook takes any information and pictures or video and makes them their own. I call it stealing, Facebook calls it “terms of use”. If I am going to give a company my personal information it is going to be under what I want. I am also going to get paid for it. I am a partner to Google and a very happy one at that.

Personally I enjoy Google+. Once you get to know the ins and outs it is a great product. We will have to see in the next year how people will react to the product. In time people will come to realize that Facebook is a crime syndicate that has no wants or needs to please you. The company takes and sells your information. With Google at least they want your information for their own purposes and does not put it out into the open market. Is that good? Probably not.

Using Google products is convenient for me. Keeping track of several passwords and company profiles can take up precious time and resources, two things I can’t afford.

For me, Google+ is an A+

Rob The Plumber

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