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18 thoughts on “Precious Metal Daily Prices Live!

  1. Silver $ 33.68/oz up $ 1.00
    Gold $ 1734.90/oz up $ 34.70

  2. I guess I do not need to manually load prices anymore. I can just use these fancy charts. If I see some trends, I will still comment here

  3. Look at the charts from the last week. It is amazing how close they are in relevance. They go up and down almost identical. Very cool. I never really noticed that before until I saw the charts.

  4. Gold and silver dropped a little bit today. I am sure people are waiting for Bernanke’s plan for QE3 easing. Hopefully the price of silver drops a bit. Give people another chance to buy again, before it spikes again!

  5. Wow, gold and silver did not just spike today. It went through the roof. So far today silver just almost $4/oz!
    You can thank Ben Bernanke for this one. The FED is buying bonds and printing more money. Silver is going to hit $40 an ounce by next week.

  6. Well it looks like this is where the precious metals are going to site for awhile. The market has stayed steady after Bernanke’s announcement for QE3. Do not expect gold or silver to come down in price for the next while. These prices are going to stay steady.

  7. A year later, gold and silver at $1300.00 and $21.00

  8. People need to make sure they do not sell their physical bullion or coins at these paper prices!. I expect silver to drop to $19 by the end of next week. Probably has much more to go :/

  9. $21.70 Silver
    $1310.00 Gold
    $1435.00 Platnium
    $3.22/lb Copper

  10. Rob The Plumber

    Silver will dip to $15. Gold is going down to sub $1000. I would really be careful about how much gold and silver you buy. If you are going to buy precious metals, they should make up no more than 15% of your portfolio.

  11. Rob The Plumber

    Wow, silver and gold down huge this week.

    Silver $18.50

  12. Possible war in Iraq, again. Gold and silver could go up!

  13. Robert Breckenridge

    Here comes the plunge on precious metals. S&P closes at record high.

  14. Silver $17.75/oz
    Gold $1214.00/oz

  15. Rob The Plumber

    Silver $16.75
    Gold $1203.00

    How low can silver go? Try $10 or less!

  16. Rob The Plumber

    Silver and gold is crashing! Silver plunges $2.00 an ounce so far in the first 2hours of trading. Gold plunges Over $100!

  17. Rob The Plumber

    Silver hit $15 on November 7, 2014
    Gold Hit $1129.60

    Lowest price since 2006

  18. Tony Hernandez

    Hello- what type of brick/ceramic cup can I use to melt silver? looking for name of it. Do I do any pre-treating of .999 silver ingot before heating with torch? And last, I have a mold made for lead, will it work for silver due to heat differences? Thanks

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