Gold and Silver Articles

Gold and silver have roared to the fronts of investing. With the stock market being unbearable to invest in, people are looking for something sound to invest in. If you are looking for something stable and constant to invest in. This may not be for you.

In the last year both gold and silver have dropped from their all time highs. With the Fed talking about QE3 easing, gold and silver are back in the game and making a sharp rise. In the month of September 2012 gold has risen to 1734.00/oz, or a rise of 3.1% in matter of days. Silver saw a rise of 7.1% to $33.40/oz.

It will be interesting to see what gold and silver have in store for the rest of 2012. I am sure it will be a roller coaster ride all the way to 2013 and will be right there watching.

Check the links to see the daily close prices of both metals.

PLUMBOOGLE Daily Close Price For Gold And Silver

When we see articles regarding the ups and downs of both metals, we will be there!

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