Hot Water Recovery For Your Shower (DHWR)

Assembled exchanger before being soldered.
Assembled exchanger before being soldered.

Here is a concept I thought of after making my “How to make a heat exchanger” video. The idea is to capture the excess hot water used while having a shower. Cold water supplying the hot water tank

runs through the heat exchanger as how

water from the hot water tank flows to the shower, down the drain and flows

through the heat exchanger. Transferring valuable heat to the cold water supply, creating a cycle. A cycle that in the end saves energy and saves you money.

Fittings needed to build the heat exchanger.
Fittings needed to build the heat exchanger.

In the video I use copper piping and fittings. That can be quite expensive. You can use

plastic pipe and fittings for the shell. The transfer material needs to be metal. Stainless steel or copper is optimum. Plastics are an insulator and are terrible when it comes to heat

transfer. Many

people make the mistake of using plastics as a conductor. The obvious reason for this is cost.

Watch the video and enjoy. I am working on follow-up videos. If you have any questions about the build or whether a modification will work or not, e-mail me or message me through Google+

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