Installing A Dishwasher

September 22, 2012

Article by: Rob The Plumber

Check out our video on how to install a dishwasher. Save yourself some money and do it yourself. This whole project will only take you a few hours. You can get a complete material list right here on our site. Just print out the list, bring it into your local hardware or plumbing specialty store and hand it to the person working in the plumbing department. You will not even have to look for the fittings. It could not be any easier.

Most dishwashers are similar in design. The water and drain hook-ups are almost identical. They all fit in a 24″ opening. When shopping for a dishwasher you will see that all manufacturers make their dishwashers identical in size. The only difference is the cosmetic differences such as the finish.

If you run into any unique issues with your water lines, drains or location that are not mentioned in the video. Please contact me via e-mail, Twitter or through my YouTube channel. I will give you one-on-one consultation free of charge. We will figure out your issues together!

Printable Material List

How-To Install A Dishwasher Video

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