Plumbing Your Basement Bathroom and Laundry Room

Plumbing In Your Basement Video (HD)

October 14, 2012

Article By: Rob The Plumber

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I finally was able to finish the video about plumbing in a basement of a new house.

The home was built in a rural area. No municipal sewer or potable water. We needed to use a sewage pit and pump in the basement due to the fact that a septic tank was being used in this home.

Anytime you want to install plumbing that is below grade, you need to use a sewage pit and pump. There are a few different products on the market such as SaniPlus that use a maceration tank and pump mounted to the back of a toilet that pump up the waste to a higher level. I do not advise using these products. They use a 3/4″ to 1″ waste line. The proper size for any sewage waste should be 2″. Also a sewage pit must be vented. In most areas a 2″ vent is necessary. The macerating toilets have no vent. I guess this topic could be a whole other article. Let’s move on…

If you have a basement, you can have plumbing. Imagine having that summer kitchen. How about a laundry room downstairs and out of the way. The main reason though, another bathroom! You may have a teenager who hogs the bathroom every morning, or just too many people in the house and not enough personal time. Whatever the reason, this is why I made this video. You can do this on your own or have a plumber do it for you. In either case you will be well informed of what has to be done to get the job done right.

The video I made is in the area of 20 minutes long. There are some very important drawings that coincide with the video. I recommend going to the link below and loading the drawings on a separate screen. This way you can watch the video without jumping back and forth.

This install could be done in a renovation also. The only difference would be that you would bust some concrete to install the tank and your plumbing. This may seem like a huge task, but it really is not. Anyone is capable of installing a pit and pump. If you find yourself up against some issues that are not specified in the video, contact me. I will give you some consultation at no charge.

Here is the links for the videos.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

Part 4 –

Link for all drawings. I recommend you read these closely.

Drawings –

Thanks for watching. Please. If you have any issues in any of your projects, contact me.



2 thoughts on “Plumbing Your Basement Bathroom and Laundry Room

  1. Shawn

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the video. Part III says is private and could not watch.

    I want to move the pit 4-5 feet from the current location because the pit is in the middle of the basement and in a bad location.

    I have rough-in-plumbing for full bath

    Should I attempt to do it. Any tips would be helpful.



  2. David B


    Great videos but I’m unable to view the 3rd of the 4 videos on installing a basement bathroom & laundry. Click on the link and it says it’S private or it just doesn’t load. any ideas? I need to install a handicap accessible bathroom for an elderly parent. Currently the bathroom has a raised floor that won’t work for a wheelchair.


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