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August 31, 2012

You really need to read the full story and see all of the pictures. They are truly amazing.

This ejection from the sun did not come in earth’s direction. If it had, you would not be reading this post online. This is the type of “flare” that would wipe out our grid.

Click here to see the complete story from NASA.



September 09, 2012

Low Resolution PhotoHave you ever wanted to see a full 360º panoramic HD view of Mars? Now you can. This is truly beautiful and amazing. You are in control of the video. Zoom in and out, focus in on objects and of course look at the mountains all around you. Take a minute and check it out. Click the link below.

HD 360º Mars Panoramic Applet






September 10,2012

By: Rob The Plumber

Pictures By:

Dust Cover Still On the Robotic Arm Camera

Nasa releases two new images taken by the Mars Rover. Both being a self portrait image. The portrait to the left is taken with a HD camera. Being mounted on the robotic arm.

Read full article and see both pictures here.













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