Scrapping Circulating Pumps

Pure copper coil from a brass circulating pump
Pure copper coil from a brass circulating pump

Scrapping Circulating Pumps

By: Rob The Plumber

Circulating pumps are thrown out everyday by plumbing and heating companies. They can be acquired simply by asking for them. The best way to get free metals is to let the people around you know that your looking for scrap.

There are 3 types of circulating pumps. All have a motor housing that has a copper wire coil. Aluminum wire is almost unheard of. Copper is needed for longevity. Circulating pumps run 24/7, 365 days a year. The second part all pumps have in common is the pump housing. That is where the similarities end. The pump housing can be made of three materials. cast iron, stainless steel and brass. Obviously the brass body type is the one you want to get. Brass body circulating pumps are used in domestic hot water heating. Used to circulate hot water from the source, to plumbing fixtures to save waiting for hot water.

Currently brass is going for $2/lb.

Pump housing weigh anywhere from 3lbs up to 8lbs. Do the math. For their size there is no other piece of scrap that can bring in that type of dough!

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