Scrapping Keyboards For Pure Silver

Picture taken by Rob Breckenridge

.999 silver inlay on keyboard Mylar

January 1, 2014

Getting .999 silver from scrap keyboards


I really enjoyed making this video! I love the look and feel of silver. As there is very little money to be made doing keyboards, it is a ton of fun getting that shiny beautiful silver from someones trash. Here are a few things I  left out.

1. It takes approx 26-30 of the keyboard Mylars to make one pound of Mylar scrap.

2. It would take 12-13 scrap keyboards to get 1 pound of mylars

3. With the chemical extraction process you can expect to recover 4-5 grams of .999 silver

4. 1 pound of Mylar scrap will sell for $2-4/lb

5. You get 2 mylars per scrap keyboard

6. You should pay no more than $.20 per scrap keyboard

7. At the current recovery it would be better to sell your Mylars by the pound, but if you are like me, that is totally out of the question!

I hope you enjoyed the video! Please go to the YouTube tab in the top or bottom left of this page and Subscribe. If you see a product you like on our site please click through my ads. It really helps for future videos.


Thank You

Rob The Plumber

14 Responses to Scrapping Keyboards For Pure Silver

  1. younis says:

    plz explane me the chemicel name which r used in this exprement.

  2. Otis Scanlon says:

    I enjoyed watching your video on silver recovery from keyboards.
    You really put in an incredible amount of time and research. In your opinon, is this the most profitable and easiest computer precious metal scrap to come by?

  3. Tania Salazar says:

    Hi Rob is really interesting video. Im from Toronto,Canada i know in this country is not allow to use chemicals. to get metals from any keyboard and pc is any other way that i can get the metals out please i will love to hear from you thank you.

  4. tony tilley says:

    Great was the video, impressive , now trying to view the rest of his videos.

  5. dave says:

    Awesome video but didn’t find video on chemical remove shiver from keypads the one I found had no doing tells you nothing on the chemicals you need are how much and long saw it was blue do I know it wasn’t muratic acid like far gold can you help me with this thanks so much far any thought look farward from hearing from you
    . sincerly
    . Dave

  6. APB says:

    In your video about recovering silver from keyboards, you mentioned something about using a inceinator and scrubber. I would like to know more about that process. Sincerely yours APB

  7. John Edmond says:

    Silversmiths use syonide. Silver syonide in plating. Very poisonous.

  8. jerry says:

    In doing the chemical way, do you know how many mylars would I need to make 1 TROY ( 31.1 grams ) oz.? Thanks

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bro wat is the chcamicals useing ? Plz how to mark

  10. Michael says:

    Pls name of the chemical

  11. FrankHaky says:

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