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I finally got the wire stripper video completed. It is about time! wirestripper300x200

It was a busy summer for making videos and for work. It meant that the editing would have to wait until I had some time off in the early winter.

The reason I like the wire stripper is it is so simple and basic. I have scrapped over 800lbs of insulated Romex wiring through this thing and have yet to change or even sharpen the blade! The sad part being I do not even know who manufacturers the stripper. I beleive that the wire stripper is made in China. You can find it on Ebay and Amazon, and it is easily noticed by it’s bright blue colour. Pirce can range from as low as $30 and tops out at about $100. To me it is well worth every penny.

You will see scrappers in videos promoting specific and fancy wire strippers. The fact is the fancier it is the more parts that can break. copperwire300x275

Parts cost money and cost cuts into that little profit that you may have.

Some motorized strippers cost a lot in the upkeep. First thing is power consumption. Nobody ever talks about it, but it is the elephant in the room. Electricity costs more than any factor. Remember at best you are going to get $2.75 a pound on average for #1 bright. The 2nd factor is blades. For a power consuming stripper to work properly the blades need to be very sharp. Most make it so the blade cannot be easily sharpened. The company wants you purchase new blades on a regular basis. What if you ran 100lbs through and had to buy a new blade at $10? That is insane.

The wire stripper I use has a sharpened drill bit as a blade. It came with 2 blades and I have no idea when I will have to change yet. 800 pounds is a lot of wire!

In the end it all comes down to cost. My wire stripper cost be about 17lbs of bare copper. I can get 7-12 lbs of copper per hour through it. Motorized wirestripper300x275strippers may be able to push more through but you will pay with precious profits for the lack or reliability and upkeep. Links to the associated videos below. Do not forget to add me to Google+ and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading and watching

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5 thoughts on “Wire Stripper

  1. Ed

    the wire stripper that you are using looks to be this one….
    Model WL100 by BLUEROCK:
    Manual Wire Stripper Stripping Machine Copper Scrap

  2. Awesome advice & videos here bud have a blessed day my friend.

  3. Brad

    Thanks for sharing. Have you ever bid on government surplus sales of scrap telephone wire? They are always selling wire. I never new how to bid it. Maybe you could do a video on estimating how much copper is on a given roll of insulated wire.

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