Apple iPhone 5 Is Here!

September 25, 2012

Article By: Rob The Plumber

Apple’s hyped up release of their new iPhone 5 was a hit. Apple sold over 5 million units in 3 days.

There was one company that was not happy about the numbers. That company was, Apple. They had predicted numbers of 6-10 million units.

With a release in nine countries instead of the usual eight, you would think that the numbers would have been higher. On a per country basis the numbers do not lie. Apple has hit its cap.

In my mind there are only two phones that are competing in this market. Those two phones are the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The Android phones have sold nearly 10 million units since June. Samsung has done well with its powerful advertising campaign recently. Personally I like it. Apple does not own this market as they used to.

I own a Galaxy SII and am very happy with it. The size of the screen allows my big fingers to type easily. Where as the iPhone has a much smaller screen.

Apple’s other issue is the lack of simplicity. Their products offer zero options as in what to buy for adapters and accessories.

You should think twice before buying an Apple. There is another choice. Look into the companies warranties. That is where Samsung is a clear winner. Apple’s warranty sucks. It is also very expensive. I know lots of people will disagree with me. Apple probably has the strongest group of followers in the entire electronics industry. To all of them I say………

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